Bridges is a community outreach to low income families with small children and to women with unplanned pregnancies. With the support of Caring Network, we offer material support such as diapers, formula, clothes and childcare items. We also provide spiritual ministry to the families in the program. Bridges is a volunteer supported ministry.


OBCC receives food from local businesses, which is distributed to those in need.


(International Student Ministry)

ISM reaches out to international students who attend our local and Chicago universities. We provide transportation for these students on Sunday mornings so that they can join us for service and attend a class specifically designed for them. They are invited to participate in after church outings and are encouraged to share American holidays with our church family. Our goal is to build friendships, help the students understand American culture, and share the love of Christ with them. 

For more information about ISM contact: 

Farouk or Marge Girgis -